Many of us have heard of the idiom ” You have to break a few eggs to make and omelette” right? Migration from did not go as planned.  As it turns out just about no Network Administrator wants to try to migrate a multi-site. “Tecno-bable”

The technical aspects for errors in the coding, post and scripts could have been a disaster.  So, I am using the term migration as a sense cushion for the reality of “DARN” this is taking many hours to rebuild from scratch!

“You have to break a few eggs to make and omelette!”

There is a silver lining. The speed and performance, the security updates, the managed server hosting and the knowledge will make this one of the best Consumer to Contractor and Contractor to Contractor sites on the Face of the Planet.  With your help of course! Thank you.

So you may be asking yourself why Right? Ok, I have an answer for that. And soon we will have an app for too! lol

Modestly speaking… I have a huge heart.  I have been told by a dear friend that I lead with it. “Maybe that is why it get bruised so often right?”  I care about the people I help and work with and for. During the down turn of the economy in our area, California, the drop off of licensed contractors fell to about 6%.

I remember going online to the Contractor’s State Licensing Board and doing a broad search for licensed contractors.  Page after page of red, expired or canceled licenses almost filled the page.  Out of some 50 rows per page there may have been five or six licenses active. The displayed in Green.

Many of my personal friends a clients lost their homes to foreclosure. Some lost their marriages and worst yet.  Gave up on life.  Tragic.. tragic.

The problem was compounded for those attempting to survive “and” do so legally.  See… many of them had their Contractor’s bonds either cancelled or the rates to renew or purchase climbed from near a $100.00 per year range to $1,750 and $2,500.  This, for the small contractor was too difficult to stomach.  Many would comment that the little jobs to be had would not even earn close to that kind of money.

So, what could I do?  I actually hocked my home, and lost it, hiring programmers overseas out of…well I am not going to say because it would serve no purpose except to hurts some innocents. The point being I took over 100% of the “learning” and design in February 2015.

And, in remembering those that suffered and lost their lives… I adopted the motto similar to the military. “We never leave a contractor behind”  With this motto I have adopted a firm position that every Contractor can have a free listing. It’s my way of lending an helping hand.

Do you know of any Contractors that could us a little extra work? Maybe they do not have internet.  No worries, register and help them complete their profile. Paying the good deed forward may come back to you in a great way someday.

Well, tis late and I start all over again tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing… for those of you that registered and subscribed please register again and then come back and send me a note using this contact form.  I would like to reward you for staying loyal.

Contact Form here;

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