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What does “Certified” indicate?

The ribcertifiedbon to the left when included on a Contractor’s Business Listing indicates the “Contractor” has submitted to us “initial” proof of carrying General Liability and Commercial Auto insurance.  We will “track” the expiration dates of the General Liability and Commercial Auto and allow the Contractor to maintain such Certification provided they continue to provide us with proof of such coverage in advance.

We “charge” the Contractors for Certificate Review and it only implies that they provided us with insurance.  Other Contractors on the list may carry General Liability and Commercial Auto Insurance but have chosen to not have us Certify this fact.

Here is what it does not imply! It does not imply the quality of work, attitude, financial strength or kind of insurance policy form or limits of coverage or exclusions in their coverage. For more information regarding “Best Practices” when hiring a contractor read on and be sure to take the time to read the page on “When hiring a Contractor.”  We do not require that Workers Compensation, Pollution or other kinds of insurance has been verified and so please consult with your attorney or insurance adviser for a more detailed explanation.

Dear homeowner. This site is free for your use. You should be aware that in order to view many of the features and for the security of this site you must register. Registration is free and easy. Register nowNote: We do not charge you any fees to find a contractor. There are no fees for posting jobs or for our news letter. This is an exchange. Start exchanging please? Here is our contact form. Click here and use it to your hearts content. Send us your suggestions please.

Please note we are not an arbitrator or legal firm. Nor are we any form of government agency with authority and oversight affecting the contractor.  But! We can allow you to submit a review on any contractor.  In fact, you know that for that we invite you to use. You can suggest what kinds of review questions we put on our site for that pertain to the various businesses.  We will require that in some reviews, proof of “purchase” be provided to validate your “negative” … or “positive reviews.”

How to use the Search Feature

For more detailed instruction click here to go to our “How to” pagestep-1-search-how-to


When Hiring a Contractor

Next, in regards to other services. We have at our disposal an insurance expert who will offer up some suggestions on what should always be required when hiring a contractor. Click here: When hiring a Contractor

The Professional Insurance Broker will be offering up Best Practices when it comes to hiring Contractors, Do-it-yourself home builders hiring labor and license sub-contractors and what kinds of documents to asking for in terms of insurance.

Do not worry. You do not have to pay for the advice that an arrangement we have with the firm and their listing on our site.

Real Estate Professionals

For the Real Estate Agents and Brokers.  Tis coming folks.  Property Managers are gonna love us. So will the Commercial Agents.  We will be building a “tuli-zilish” Property section for listing Investment properties, Vacation Rental Properties and more.. (projected launch date 2017)  Register now and sign up for our news letter. It’s free.

For the Real Estate Agent and Broker you will also have the option to create a business listing profile. For the larger Agencies that have several office you can take advantage of the Franchise cost to list multiple office for significant discounts.

Other features regarding the Franchise discounts is the Permissions you can give to each office listing. For example you will be able to lock down the name of the Agency, address, phone, fax and email but still allow other areas of the Business listing to be modified by each branch manager.  We are here to help. More to come…


You are going to love us! WE KNOW that many of you are not tech savy, some are, but many are not.  We will do a “screen share” webinar with you after you register and subscribe to a business listing.

We will show you first hand how to use the site.  It’s easy! If you can watch TV then you can watch us show you how to edit your listing. Our Friday’s are dedicated to online training and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do not like our Business listing and Job Posting Services you can cancel your order and get a 100% refund within the first 30 days. No hassle guarantee.  See our Refund policy here. (this does not apply to banner advertising or insurance certificate review fees)

Employment Wanted

We will be working on a Work wanted job board including a resume builder.  Register and and then sign up for our news letter.  I give you my word you will not be getting news letter every day or even every week.  The anticipated news release may come bi-monthly or quarterly.

Job Posting

Contractors, homeowners and Property Managers.  Are you spending hours on the phone looking for labor.  And even more hour screening? Post your jobs and / or projects on for free. Yes! Free… and remember you can find American Contractor now by using our friendlier url..