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Home Builders should consult with their Local County or City Building Department and other Governmental Agencies regarding building codes and permits. There could be many agencies that you need to deal with such as the Highway Department, Public Works Department (road dept.), Environmental, Fire, Sewer/Sanitation and the Utilities Agency.

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Homeowners having a home built, remodeled or repaired should also contact their County or City Building Department so that they can gather information regarding the permit process and current codes and code requirements.

Another area of concern for Home Builders and their clients is fire insurance.  Over the last several years Counties have experienced a decline of insurance carriers that will provide insurance in rural areas.  This does not mean that you cannot find insurance.  It means that you should shop and be aware of how much the insurance will cost.

Homeowner Insurance

Home Builders can find course of construction insurance by shopping the Insurance Agents listed on this site. They can also suggest to their clients to find an agent on this site.

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