Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost me to register? Registration is free to everyone. When you register you will receive and “activation” email. The email arrives within minutes of your registration. If you do not see it check your “junk”.. lol. ok! This is my sense of humor. Please mark our email as not junk.
  2. How much does it cost to have a contractor listing? “Nothing” it’s free. Contractors can “upgrade” for a small monthly fee and we hope you do. If things get financially rough again you can always down grade to the free listing.
  3. Are listings free for everyone? – No. Listings are only free for Contractors. Other business listings are fee-based subscriptions
  4. Who will be able to see my business listing? – Anyone searching this site for your type of business. When you set up your listing select the Trade Class that represent your “primary license or trade” When others search for your type of business service you listing will appears. The search is Geo Location coded with a radius of approximately 200 miles. The user performing the search can further refine the location by typing in a City or State and City.
  5. Who owns – is the property of Northern California’s Business Entrepreneur S Valencia International a United States based Business.  This site is an Online Contractor Search engine and Contractor Exchange.  ACE is an acronym for American Contractor Exchange.  In it’s early days the site was called American Contractor Exchange and used the url  I began to rebuild the site and now use the much shorter name The concept of began in 2010. The motto of is “We never leave a contractor behind”. And we do not…ever! Why? S Valencia International is owned by me Steve Valencia. I am also own an independent insurance broker. When the economy turned in 2007-2008, I lost many Contractors to, lack of work which resulted depression, divorce, bankruptcy and even suicide. “I understand what it’is like to down on my ‘chips’ with no one around to help. Advertisers will only help if there is money in their hand. Thus. it is even harder from some that is under financial stress to advertise. No.. not on this site! So, if I can help those that are in need I are glad to do so. I am also the owner and Broker for Athena Insurance and Financial Services.
  6. Can I “Advertise” in my City with a banner ad? – Yes, please check the Advertising Page.