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Franchise Discounts

The term “Franchise” discounts as used on applies to all Businesses, Associations, Organizations and other Groups. The term as used by us is not intended to be “franchise” in a legal context but is available to legally formed franchises as well as non-franchise businesses.  The purpose and intent is to offer discounts to businesses that have more than one location.

When subscribed Businesses use the “Franchise discount there is, and can be,  “only one” Super Administrative user.

The Super Administrator has control over the various locations additions, permissions settings and other modifications .  They can allow other “permissions” for some or all of the “other” locations or lock down all permissions. The settings for “other” locations applies to all locations.  For example, let’s say that you do not want to allow the permissions to Administrators at other locations the access to change phone numbers, web site, addresse ect.  You can customize your settings and we will help.

Franchise discounts can save your member locations as much as 50% of the regular retail “monthly and annual rates.”

Here are some examples of Franchise discounts.  (“It is the function of the USER to administrate the additions.”)

Training is Free!

You arrange the time and we do the training sessions online for all your Admins for free.  We can train up to 250 people at one time.  The vendor we use is  More information can be read here. Join.Me.

To schedule an appointment please call (866) 397-6939.

Example 1 – Large National Retail Chain of Material Supply Stores such as Lowes, Home Depot and others…

Let’s say in this example that the Corporate Headquarters wants to “allow” a listing to each store and wanted to list each of their 600 Stores to  The Corporation could just send out an an email to each Store allowing them to sign up for the Annual Platinum plan.

If each Store Manager “was given permission” the individual Store managers could register and and pay the annual rate at 100%.  Lets say for argument sake that it cost $600.00 per year PAID MONTHLY.  If we do the math, $600.00 x 600 Stores we have a total of $360,000.00 per year.  Now let’s look at the Franchise discount being applied.

Franchise discount is 50% off each added location after the first initial location.  Here is the math using the same 600 stores.

First Corporate Location added at $600.00 per year PAID MONTHY.  Now the remaining locations would could be a a rate of $300.00 each.  So, we have 599 stores remaining x $300 = $179,700.00. This represents a huge savings of $179,700.  Wow! Who is getting a feather in their cap today?  But that is not all because in this example all accounts are paid monthly thus there is yet to be had another discount that you can take advantage of to save even more!

Annual Pay Discount

Example 1. Cont.

The Annual Payment option vs. the Monthly pay option offers another 30% off.  In the example listed above the Corporate Office would Select the Pricing model of “Annual instead of monthly”

Just to be clear, the numbers listed above were for illustration purposes.  That being the case it is quickly know that the monthly price was $50.00 per month for “some” type of package” (you can select from different package but we will illustrate that later)

Once again the math looks like this.  The first Corporate Office “location” by paying Annually would be the monthly rate $50.00 x 12 month = $600.00 applying the Annual pay discount the saving would be approximately 30% off the monthly rate ( $50.00 – 30% = $45.00 )

Each added Franchise location would be the Monthly rate – 30% -50%.   $50.00/mo – 30% = $45.00 annual rate  $45.00 – 50% franchise discount rate = $22.50 for each “added” location.  So let see if you get that raise now!

Originally if each store purchase a monthly listing the price would have been a total of $360,000 per year paid monthly. But because you are good at math and know how to save money you get all the stores to sign up and pay annually.  Now let look at the math in this example.

First location, Corporate Headquarters, price paid Annually is $$600.00 – 30% = $420.00 (annual price per location) .  Now the cost of the other 599 stores paid annually is $600.00 – 50% Franchise discount which equals $300.00 for each added store and now we subtract the Annual Pay Discount of 30%.  $300.00 – 30% apd = $210.00 per store per year.

Let’s see how this looks now!  First store total $420.00 plus 599 stores at $210.00 each = $125,790.

$420.00 + 125,790.00 = $126,210 vs. $360,000 and that is a total savings of $233,790.   Wow! Double WOW!!!

In order for this example 1 to work all initial setup must be done by Corporate Headquarters.  In special circumstances we can work with administrative staff and have meeting with other via a screen sharing session.  Call 866 397-6939 to schedule times and dates.

Example 2

In example 2 we have Construction Company Association with members all over the World.  300 office in all.  The main Headquarters is located in the U.S.  The situation would be very similar to example number 1.  The important thing to remember besides saving money annually are the “permissions” allowed to each office.

Permissions Are Created by the Top User

For those of you that are Administrators “Admins” of marketing systems for your company the most important item to decide upon is do we let our Managers have permission to change content of the Business listings or will all changes come from the Main Corporation. Or, will we allow only certain permissions to managers of our other locations?

Some Businesses may decide to delegate some permission to Office managers at other locations because of marketing trends in other locations.  This would allow for advertising of content to be quickly changed by remote locations and not put all the burden on the main office.

Our Franchise Manager allows users to submit listings for chains of businesses or franchises faster.

After entering the main listing for a new Chain, fields of the Add Listing form can be locked. This way you can pre-populate most fields but allow the address, telephone number and email address to be entered separately for all branches of the chain. When the main listing is edited, locked fields are edited for all branches too.

Video to Follow

Adding the branch listings

  1. Branch listings can only be submitted by the same user that added the main listing.
  2. But if the owner of the main listing has not locked the Business Owner/Associate? field, the branch listing can be claimed by another user. Thus, it is vitally important to lock down the Business Owner Associate area by “ticking” the check box unless you wish to allow your Office Manager Admins at remote locations to “claim” the listings.
    Example: a manufacturer can add branch listings of the distributors and then the distributors can claim the listing and update the un-locked fields.
  3. The custom fields locked by the main listing owner cannot be edited in the branch listings.
  4. If the main listing owner updates a locked field in the main listing, the same custom field will be updated in all branch listings.
    Example: a fast food chain has locked the special offer field, and can change that field on all branch listings to run a promotion in all the stores.

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