Contractor & Artisan Profile

Contractor & Artisan Profile

As you well know, the “right tool for the job” is what helps make a job flow smoothly.  At our online Business Directory is the right tool at the right price. For many Contractors hiring a web designer can be more of a head-ache than a financial problem. Your time is valuable doing “what it is that you know how to do” and not becoming a web techie. Leave that to us!

When you decide to subscribe to our site and list your business with us we will train you or someone you designate with an online session using a service. YOU do need  a computer, internet service and know how to register and login. If you do not know how to do that then find a friend who does.

We have several “levels” of subscriptions for your business.  You can subscribe for free or go BIG… or somewhere in between.

Business Directory Prices

Our prices are among the best in the industry. Compare our pricing to others such as Angies List or The Blue Book

View our prices by “hovering” over the menu item listed above titled “Business Directory” and view your class of business. And, for you contractors having a difficult time remember. You guys and gals can have a free listing. Here is what you do:

  1. Register
  2. Login and go the the Business Directory text in the menu
  3. Hover over the Add Contractor listing and get started
  4. You will receive a free listing..  Why?

Because at we never leave a contractor behind!

If you have any special needs for modifications of an Insurance Profile Class please feel free to contact us.
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