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California Contractors are special. Information on contractors can be found at the States Licensing Board.  A list of the various  State Licensing Boards can be found on by performing a search using the primary search bar located on the home page.  When viewing the “search” bar hover over the menu item on the left.  Many of the site’s classes of business have been broken down into “classes” or “categories.” (view image below)


Finding a California Contractor

Finding a California Contractor for your next construction project.  If you are a contractor searching for other contractors then you know how valuable your time is. For this reason many contractors join an Association in order to find other professionals.  And, this “cost” can be  high in many instances.

On the cost is one of “the most” effective investments that you can make.   We are constantly working on improvements in making this “the best” American Contractor Exchange sites in the United States of America.  What other organization has a free listing service for Contractors, Builders, and other Construction Related services?  We do!

Homeowners! Are you Searching for a Contractor?

Homeowners come in all different shapes and sizes and so do their projects and needs.  Do you have an emergency? Quick, use to do a search for local contractors.

Do you have a home improvement project planned and need a contractor?  Post your project on for free and let the contractors come to you.  Tip and recommendations.

  1. Make sure you define your project and set some kind of budget for what is may cost.  If you do not have a clue be sure to let the contractor know that you are taking “shopping” for estimates.
  2. Provide a realistic time frame to begin the project
  3. Ask the contractors if they feel the “legal” and “correct” way to make your home improvement will require a permit
  4. Ask if the process will require that you bring other “related” items up to current building codes. For example, you are remodeling your kitchen, own an older home and the “electrical” panel and wiring need updating.
  5. Require proof of insurance
  6. Review our insurance experts advice on being named on a contractors insurance as an Additional Insured. more…

Job and Project Posting

Do you want to use our classified pages to post “Work wanted” or to post your next project? You can! And it’s free! Well, actually it’s not free. It will cost you.  The price is at least ” one ” referral to a friend in need or to the next friend or family member that starts to share their idea of that next home improvement project.  Or, that new custom home to be built. How is that for a deal?