Business directory listings are payable monthly except for the “free contractor” basic listing. The listings are billed on an automated recurring basis.

You may cancel at any time according to the terms of service and refund policy.  (We will refund prorate rounding up to use any part of a remaining month. Meaning if you cancel during the “mid-term” of a month we will have earned that month fully.

Annual pay plans cancelled early will be “recalculated to a monthly rate thus the discount is lost) You are eligible to receive up to a 30% discount for paying annually. Business directory listings are primarily for contractors, suppliers, insurance, real estate and other contractor related support businesses.

Monthly – Regular monthly rate

Annual – 30% off Monthly rate

If you prefer to pay Annually by check you may mail a check via an electronically echeck/ACH or mail a check  to “S Valencia International, P.O. Box 390, Pine Grove CA 95665.

Please be sure to include your contact number and company name. You must be able to login to do your own profile modifications at this time. “DO NOT” include your user name or password.  

You must be a registered user.

Advertising Banners

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Rates Plans

IMPORTANT! Must read: DMA Cities Regions aka; Locations and display of banner ads may be shared on a “dynamic” rotation with two other ads.  We reserve the right to place up to three ads, (one of which is yours) in any banner “page location” within a DMA Cities Region zone. What is a DMA zone? The DMA Cities Regions as we use it is for the programming geo-targeting of our software for displaying ads.  If you do not understand or agree with this please do not apply for advertising.

The DMA Cities Regions is associated with codes provided by Google in association with their Maps. These codes allow advertises to select a geographic area that best suits their desire. Please read more about DMA Cities Regions codes here…

The DMA Cities Regions, for our purposes, does not apply to any Google Ads words.

The DMA Cities Regions as we use it is for the programming geo-targeting of our software for displaying ads.  If you do not agree with this please do not apply for advertising.

*Banner Sizes and “Page Location”

  1. Skyscraper – Huge! displays  “in your face size” dominates the page just below the navigation bar
  2. Content – displays just above the main content in the page
  3. Sidebar – displays to the side of the pages main content below any Skyscraper banner and adjusted either left or right

Ads “may” be associated to display in “certain” areas** associated with “categories.” For example; if a Material Supplier wanted to advertise Tile Roofing and target “Roofing Contractors” or “Consumers” searching for a “Roofing Contractor” they could request the ad to target on the pages where people search for a Roofing Contractor in a particular City**.

Advertising Options for Annual Subscribers

Some Companies want the flexibility to change their banner image and link/url on an “at-will” basis.  At we can help.

Annual Advertisers have options.  As mentioned earlier, you will receive up to 30% off the monthly rates.  In addition, for a “fee-cost-price”, we shall allow you access to your advertising banner location which will allow you to change your image “at-will”. Rules do apply.

Rules Regarding Banner Access

The primary rules are as follows:  You will not upload any ad that is not directly related to your business listing. The image cannot show nudity, smut or hate of any kind. All ads are subject to approval by, and S Valencia International.

You shall, in submitting your ad, express an agreement to hold harmless,,, S Valencia International, it’s employees, owners and affiliates for any copyright infringement that you are held accountable for infringement. Make sure you have authority to post the image.

The image uploaded or submitted must be of “great” quality and to the size dimensions as displayed for the type of ad you have. (we will not do any graphic retouching or editing)  Images that do not meet quality standards will be rejected.


Our goal is to meet your expectations and be prudent. If you want to cancel your advertising or subscriptions we will but these following rules apply:

  1. Monthly subscription listings and banner ads are protata except for any part of a month that is already started. An “example” would be as follows: You start your subscription on March 1st and decide to cancel on May 19th.  We will have earned the full month of May regardless of if you cancelled on the 1st or any day before April 1st.
  2. Banner ads. If you subscribe to an advertising plan that included a discount for “for the pay period committed to” we will remove the discount and apply the monthly rate and prorata refund in the same fashion as listed in item 1. on refunds.
  3. Where applicable: If we charged a setup fee for Administrative Ad access the fee will be deemed fully earned. All of the base subscription pland DO NOT have a setup fee.  In order to have Admin access to post banners you must submit a request and be approved. Once approved we will invoice you for the setup fee and train you on how to upload and link your ads.

For more information feel free to contact us at (866) 397-6939


Optional Services for Annual Ad users

Setup fee for annual access users: You shall pay a 1 time Set up fee for Banner Access of $350.00. This fee is non-refundable. 

* All banners scale to the device used to view.